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Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving | Olivine's Beauty World - Parkville, MD

Olivine’s Beauty World provides high-quality hair weaving for residents in Parkville, MD. My hair weaves are professional and provided at affordable...

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Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout | Olivine's Beauty World - Parkville, MD

Olivine’s Beauty World offers fantastic Brazilian blowouts to all the curly heads in Parkville, MD. It is time to bid farewell to that frizzy...

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Coloring | Olivine's Beauty World - Parkville, MD,MD

I offer coloring and texturing services with all my hair products to ladies in the Parkville, MD region. Olivine’s Beauty World always provides you with...

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Welcome To Olivine's Beauty World

Olivine’s Beauty World is Parkville, MD’s trusted house of beauty. I have been interested in hair ever since I was a girl and I have turned that passion into a well-established career.

Ideal feminine beauty is something that is constantly changing within society. It seems that every decade or so, new ideas crop up. They all claim to profess authenticity when it comes to pinning down what exactly it means to be beautiful.

I say that beauty is not something society can pin down, because beauty transcends typical definition. What makes you beautiful is not your body or your face; beauty comes from within.

It is your interior soul that makes you beautiful, and when this beauty arises to the surface, it is breathtaking to everyone who looks on it. I want to bring this beauty out so that people can appreciate you for who you truly are.

My business has no storefront; it is entirely home-based. Because my salon is at my house, I can have meaningful relationships with my clients that I would not be able to have within the hustle and bustle of an ordinary public salon.

I make sure to provide a nice, clean space for all my customers. My home salon is beautiful and remodeled, so that everyone who walks in will instantly feel welcome.

I specialize in hair weaving and I supply my own hair. I also offer my clients an exciting opportunity: when you go to my current website to purchase hair, you have the option of signing up to sell hair yourself. If hair is your passion, I want to help you fulfill it.

Make an appointment with Olivine’s Beauty World today and let me bring out your inner shine!

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